Little Aces (Ages: 4-5)
Beginner Level - First Time Experience
A great way to introduce your child to the game. Emphasis is on hand -eye coordination, motor skills, and the basic fundamental tennis stroke. The kids hit with foam and low compression balls to help generate early success with hittingthe ball over the net. Positive reinforcement along with fun and games are incorporated into the class.

Dinkers (Ages: 5-8)
Advanced Beginner Level
This class incorporates the USTA “Quick Start” training program for kids. The players are taught techniques for improving their groundstrokes, volleys,overheads, serving, and general motor skills. The players also play rally games with low compression balls on a smaller court and are introduced to conditioning.

Slicers (Ages: 7-11)
Intermediate level
This class moves to the next level of the USTA “Quick Start” program with emphasis on learning how to play the game. They will be introduced to singles and double strategy while we put players in different rally situations. We will continue to analyze their strokes and reinforce the technique while furthering their conditioning.

Smashers (Ages: 9-14)
Intermediate Level
These players are ready to be taught different strategies for singles and doubles (baseline game, serve & volley, aggressive mid court play). We will put players in different rally situations to teach them how to make adjustments to their games when needed and work on footwork. An emphasis will be placed on proper fundamentals for their strokes and conditioning will be emphasized.

Jr. Aces
Advanced Level
(Minimal tournament experience)
These players are playing tournaments and/or high school tennis and are ready for the advanced game. We will put players in pressure situations during class to see how they handle decision making and learn how to incorporate better shot making. Also, we will teach new strategies to the players so they will advance their skills in tennis. A part of the class will focus on a conditioning program for the players established by the pro that will enhance their footwork and overall fitness.

Tournament Level
These are the top players in our junior program, they will be selected by the Head Tennis Professional.