Junior Golf Instruction

Professional Staff Contacts
Brad Ewing, PGA
(540) 552-9164

Cody Youell
(540) 552-9164

Our Class A PGA professional, and his staff, are available on site to take care of all your instruction needs. From an individual lesson to a group clinic, the BCC staff are prepared to help grow the game for members from age 3 and on.

Our junior golf program is a great way for children to get started. With more than 50 active junior golfers, our program is arguably the strongest in southwest Virginia. The Club is proud to offer clinics and camps that help junior golfers develop their skills on the golf course and a true appreciation for the game.

Our goal is to provide a fun and educational learning environment, as well as boost confidence and create consistency in young golfers.  These clinics accommodate junior golfers of all levels:  junior players just discovering the game, high school players trying to move up on the team, and tournament level juniors looking to improve his/her competition results. Junior clinics are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

SNAG, an acronym for Starting New At Golf, is a unique new approach to learning golf. Specially designed equipment and easy to understand instructions allows the entry-level golfer to learn quickly, anywhere!

The SNAG system utilizes modified equipment and instructions to make learning fun and safe, while eliminating fear. The combination of these factors creates an atmosphere for quick success!

The SNAG equipment set includes a combination of clubs, balls, targets and tools that are brightly colored, which adds to the fun.

To further describe the equipment features in the system, SNAG includes two clubs: the launcher and the roller. The launcher, an oversized club with eight iron loft, is made of durable, high impact plastic. It is weighted and designed to have the feel of a traditional golf club. The launcher is designed to "launch" the ball into the air for learning the basic golf skills of chipping, pitching and full swing. The roller, also oversized, is utilized when putting. The balls, similar to and slightly smaller than a tennis ball, can travel up to 60 yards when launched by an adult. The "launch pad", a small mat, contains an elevated rubber tee. Anytime the ball is launched, it is first placed on the launch pad. This provides a perfect position so that the ball can be played off of virtually any surface. The flagsticky, the SNAG version of a golf cup, is a cylinder shaped target wrapped in a "hook" material. When the ball contacts the flagsticky, it sticks to it or "snags" it! It comes complete with a flag and can be set up anywhere. Additional targets, also wrapped in the "sticky" fabric, along with training tools further enhance the fun of learning.

Fitting into the special design of the equipment is the unique and easy to understand instructional method. For example, the grip on each of the clubs is five-sided and color-coded to aid the beginner in establishing the correct "hold."

The SNAG System also includes USGA rules, etiquette and personal life skills as key parts of each lesson.