Membership Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful weekend! Please tell Devon, Chris, Richard and all the bartenders and waitstaff thank you so much for all your dedicated time and effort. As usual, you were the ultimate "leader of the pack". you are an exceptional example of a leader who leads by actions and not just words. Many times I noticed you doing anything that needed to be done just to make our experience great. The staff take after their GM, they are always smiling and willing to provide us with exceptional service! Now I know that y'all had to be tired and worn out for all the pre-planning and the long hours you have to put in to make this event one that we look forward to each year, but you were there always ready to help us out. Nancy and I talk many times that we are so happy to have joined BCC. You all make our lives more enjoyable. Thanks so much."

Dr. Pete McDonald

"We had the BEST time Friday night! We had a table of 14 and had a ball. The food was great, the service was great, the band was GREAT. Everyone in the place was dancing. Can’t remember having that much fun in a loooooooooooong time."

Mrs. Susan McClelland
"We had a fantastic Valentine brunch, as well as Easter brunch. Our summer proved to be another great "summer at the pool." Swim team was exceptional and the awards banquet was memorable! I appreciate the way our swim team coaches make all the children feel "special" and able to swim in their respective events. Unfortunately, we missed the Halloween Run due to vacation, but I heard very positive things about it. And to finish the year, brunch with Santa was fabulous! BCC has done a great job providing for my family and especially our children! Congratulations on another successful year."

Mrs. April Peacock

"I think we have the pleasure of only dining at the club when everything is perfect!! We had dinner last night .. the server was wonderful and the food was spectacular. The presentation was incredible... I thought I was dining in a five-star restaurant."

Mrs. Kathye Johnston

"I cannot begin to tell you what an outstanding job all of your staff did last night. The food was excellent and the cooperation of the staff and all of their hard work really was a full display. I had friends that had never been to BCC and they were so impressed. The quality of the food and service overwhelmed them.  Thank all of your staff for us and express our appreciation for the “first class impression”. It was another job well done."

Mrs. Priscilla Morris